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Artwork drawn by people much more talented than me.



Alex O'Connor
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey, I'm MrCoolDD. I'm a learning young cartoonist, permanently-retired gamer, part-time slacker, and heavy sleeper. Nice to meet you.

I have always liked drawing. I was self-taught from an early age, though I have taken a few art classes throughout the years.

Drawing is what I'm best at, as I said before. Of course, I still have a lot to learn about it, which is why I like this site.

I'm currently drawing a sci-fi/slapstick/dramedy comic called The Baker's Dozen. Check it out in my gallery!
I also have a second comic, Chromo-Zone, that I've recently started, if you're interested in that.

You may draw fan art of my characters, as long as it follows these rules:
1. Must be appropriate. Nothing sexual or violent.
2. No fetish art.
3. You absolutely MUST credit me.

I also do art trades, but I tend to get busy easily. Sometimes, if I'm really inspired, I might even draw your character without the need for an art trade, since I'm cool like that. I'll be sure to credit you.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page. See ya later.

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I'll be spending time with my family this Thanksgiving, so don't be surprised if I don't get to respond to your replies and such. I might draw/upload some stuff over the Thanksgiving break, but I can't say for sure after that recent art dump.

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?


If I haven't mentioned it before, commissions are still open. The details are on my profile.


Also, in case anyone hasn't noticed, it's Bikini Day today!  Yes, it's finally the 23rd of this month!  Here's something I drew two days prior to celebrate.

TBD - Bikini Day by MrCoolDD

Journal History


TBD - Medic Allie by MrCoolDD
TBD - Medic Allie
Allie is not one to conform to things for very long.  As a hipster, it's pretty much in her nature.  So, naturally, she decided to customize her medic uniform to suit her tastes better, so medic duty would be a lot more bearable.  Since she has to wear the uniform on long hot summer days, she painted the uniform with a blue flame pattern.  She chose blue because it matched the streaks in her hair at the time, and because it's her favorite color.  In addition to painting the uniform, she cropped it in some spots.  She changed the neckline and overall shape of the top, and she turned the bottoms into shorts.  With her new look, she doesn't have to worry so much about overheating or looking too mainstream.

Allie © MrCoolDD
TBD - Medic Citrus by MrCoolDD
TBD - Medic Citrus
Citrus in yet another alternate outfit, this time her warm weather medic uniform.  She wears pretty much the same uniform variation as Midori and Abigail, but the top is modified to fit her better.  She's not entirely fond of the uniform, but she's glad it keeps her cool during the hot summers at the Sentinel Base.

Citrus © MrCoolDD
TBD - Scout Cindy by MrCoolDD
TBD - Scout Cindy
Cindy in her Sentinel Scout uniform.  Scouts are the first to scan an area and make sure it's safe.  They're in charge of recon duty.  Scout uniforms tend to vary the most among Sentinels (like Azure and Shana's customized uniforms), but they generally look something like this.  They usually have a blue short-sleeved jacket, a belt, blue pants (not jeans), light shoes, and a pair of Scout goggles.  Cindy also wears leg armor just in case something might happen.  The Navigator Scouts have a slightly different uniform, which includes a sweater vest and a bowtie, as well as the lack of goggles.

Cindy © MrCoolDD
TBD - Ranger Anita by MrCoolDD
TBD - Ranger Anita
Anita in her Ranger gear.  Sentinel Rangers often go on missions to heavily-forested worlds and places with a lot of swampland.  Ranger uniforms have the regular Sentinel jumpsuit, a hooded poncho, gloves, boots, and a pair of Coldeye goggles.  Some Rangers wear a jacket instead, but Anita wears the poncho.  True to the name, Rangers usually wield ranged weaponry, mostly rifles.

Anita © MrCoolDD

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Pixel Commission
Pixel Asthen by MrCoolDD
Pixel LCNeko-Tan by MrCoolDD
Pixel Hegelouise by MrCoolDD
Pixel Jaqcuelyn by MrCoolDD
I can do either headshots or full body.  I mostly do humans/humanoids.
Full Body
New OC, Thebes by MrCoolDD
Albast by MrCoolDD
Yasha by MrCoolDD
No background.
Custom Adoptables
Custom Adoptable for dreamerkat01 by MrCoolDD
Katana Adopt for Stealthscream by MrCoolDD
Custom Adoptable for MusicEqualsArt by MrCoolDD
Custom Adoptables for angelandsilverlover by MrCoolDD
I've had a bit of practice creating custom adoptables, so I'm now selling them for the cheap price of 10 points per adoptable.


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ShiningDreamer Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
How did I miss watching you...? I HAVE A POLICY OF 'YOU WATCH ME, I WATCH YOU BACK AS A THANK YOU!' AND I DISOBEYED IT!! I am a disappointment to myself.
MrCoolDD Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Really, it's no problem at all.  Thanks for the watch, by the way!
ShiningDreamer Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Anytime, friend!
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NG-NintyRobo Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hey dude, are ya ever gonna draw your android? Just asking.
MrCoolDD Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course I am.  I just have a bunch of other stuff I've been drawing.
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